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    CASIC has been actively promoting the development of commercial aerospace industry. It takes the lead in launching hundred-of-billion-yuan commercial aerospace project plans in China, and continuously promotes the implementation of major commercial aerospace projects: Feiyun Project, Kuaiyun Project, Xingyun Project, Hongyun Project, Tengyun Project and T-Flight (supersonic train system) Project. The fi rst commercial launching of KZ-1A rocket has been successfully completed in the way of “launching three satellites on one rocket”, lasting for only over eight months from contract signing to launching. “Tiankun-1” satellite has been successfully launched expanding the spectrum of China’s small low orbit satellites. CASIC offi cially starts the construction of the Wuhan National Space Industry Base for commercial aerospace, and initiates to set up the Yangtze River Aerospace Industry Fund. Adhering to its positioning in the commercial aerospace industry to become “the overall academy, general department and assembly plant in the society”, CASIC aims to establish cooperationwith wider social resources in order to forge a new business format of China’s commercial aerospace.


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