CASIC and Rostec Sign Cooperation Agreement
    CASIC and Siemens Sign Cooperation Agreement
    CASIC Promotes Strategic Cooperation with Siemens
    Presidents of China and Russia Witness Signing of Cooperation Agreement between CASIC and Rostec


    September 5, 2013, the G20 summit was held in Saint Petersburg, Russia. President Xi Jinping and President Vladimir Putin witnessed the signing of strategic cooperation agreement between CASIC (Gao Hongwei: chairman of CASIC) and Rostec. The signing of strategic cooperation agreement marks a brand new page in pragmatic cooperation in civilian high-tech field between CASIC and Rostec.

    September 3-5, 2013, at the invitation of Rostec, Gao visited Russia along with his delegation. During the visit, Gao communicated with Rostec, and a thorough discussion is conducted between both parties about carrying out strategic cooperation in relevant high and new technologies and others and a consensus is reached about the strategic cooperation agreement executed with witness of president of China and Russia in the G20 summit. After the meeting, Gao visited the Compass Design Bureau and the Consortium for Machinery Manufacturing, Scientific Research and Production. Both parties hold a friendly discussion about items that they are interested in.

    Rostec has about 600 affiliated enterprises and 0.8 million employees, and its operating revenue takes up 1/4 of that of the Russia military industry. Main business of it includes defense industry, machinery manufacturing, information technology, medical technology, communication, biotechnology, synthetic materials and others.


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