CASIC and Rostec Sign Cooperation Agreement
    CASIC and Siemens Sign Cooperation Agreement
    CASIC Promotes Strategic Cooperation with Siemens
    Gao Hongwei Meets President of Siemens Joe Kaeser to Promote Strategic Cooperation


    On March 26, 2018, Gao Hongwei, chairman of CASIC, met Joe Kaeser, president and CEO of Siemens, and his delegation. It is a strategic meeting of the highest rank management staff since the signing of strategic cooperation agreement in the industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing field between two parties on June 5, 2017. Song Xin, Liu Shiquan and Wei Yiyan, deputy general manager of CASIC, and Xie Lianggui, assistant of general manager, and leaders of relevant departments of the CASIC headquarters and CASICloud attended the activity.

    Gao and Joe Kaeser reviewed and spoke highly of the positive results attained in the six fields of the strategic cooperation. The strategic cooperation between two parties has gained breakthrough. The space appliance intelligent manufacturing sample room project is a trial demonstration project of China-Germany intelligent manufacturing. Both parties conducted sincere cooperation and had obtained replicable and promotable results, cooperation modes and technological routes. With witness of Gao and Joe Kaeser, the CASICloud and Siemens (China) signed the cooperation agreement of the intelligent manufacturing project. Both parties will jointly expand intelligent manufacturing markets and promote deep cooperation of “Made in China 2025” and “Germany Industry 4.0”.

    For the high-speed flying train, Gao introduced relevant work conducted in CASIC to Joe Kaeser, and he hoped that Siemens will join the R&D. Joe Kaeser indicated that Siemens has corresponding technological reserve in relevant fields and is willing to join the R&D. Deep technical exchange will be conducted later between both parties. In the meeting, Gao also introduced to Joe Kaeser relevant development of CASIC in cloud manufacturing industry cluster field and block chain technology field.

    Gao and Joe Kaeser indicated that both parties are willing to deepen and expand the strategic cooperation range based on the original strategic cooperation agreement and promote the strategic cooperation to breed new fruits.

    (Reported by International Business Department, Photographed by Wang Sai)


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