• Commercial Aerospace on the Cloud to Navigate China's Digital Economy - the 6th China (International) Commercial Aerospace Summit Forum Opened in Wuhan


    On November 19th, the 6th China (International) Commercial Aerospace Forum kicked off in Wuhan. With the theme of "commercial Aerospace on the cloud to navigate China's digital economy", this forum has fully demonstrated the technological and industrial achievements of the commercial aerospace industry during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. Moreover, participants have jointly explored the development paths for the 14th Five-Year Plan period and the future, to promote the deep integration and rapid development of commercial aerospace resources, facilitate the strategic deployment of building a space power, enable China's economic construction and digital economy to take off, and boost multilateral international cooperation and exchanges.

    For the first time, this forum was held both online and offline. More than 200 leaders and experts from national ministries, commissions, departments, local governments, enterprises and scientific research institutes, universities, social organizations, and investment and financing institutions of interest were invited to attend the opening ceremony and main forums offline. Four sub-forums were held online, with domestic experts of the related fields and foreign guests from 9 countries jointly exchanging and discussing the development achievements of the world's commercial aerospace industry, as well as their ideas about its future development. Meanwhile, the exhibition of commercial aerospace industry achievements was held online, including cloud docking, cloud classroom and cloud cultural and creative activities, offering global audiences a window to draw a close eye on the development achievements of commercial aerospace.

    A loud voice to navigate the development of commercial aerospace industry in a new era

    At the opening ceremony, Wang Zhonglin, Standing Committee member of Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Wuhan Municipal Party Committee, delivered a welcome speech. Wu Zhijian - Chairman of China Aerospace Foundation, Yang Baohua - Party Committee member and Deputy General Manager of CASC, Yang Xiaoyu - Deputy Director of the System Engineering Department of China National Space Administration, Ren Haochun - Director of China Manned Space Engineering Office; Sergey Nedoroslev - Russian Chairman of the Science and Innovation Council of the China-Russia Friendship, Peace and Development Committee, Cao Guangjing - Vice Governor of Hubei Province, and Yuan Jie - CASIC's Party Secretary and Chairman delivered speeches respectively.

    Yuan Jie pointed out in his speech that as an important path for the high-quality development of the aerospace industry, commercial aerospace has attracted wide attention and active participation from all walks of life with its infinite yet great vitality, and promoted the innovative development of the world aerospace industry. Moreover, it has played an important historical role in the great process of realizing China's space dream and the Chinese dream. The Commercial Aerospace Summit, an event having been successfully held for five times, has become an important platform for all walks of life at home and abroad to exchange ideas and discuss development as well as cooperation. Confronted with the sudden outbreak of covid-19 as well as the impact of the world economic recession, commercial aerospace elites from home and abroad gathered in Wuhan, the heroic city, to discuss the development achievements of commercial aerospace, and jointly create a commercial aerospace eco-system. This forum is of far-reaching significance to promote international cooperation in commercial aerospace, as well as innovative development in the aerospace industry.

    CASIC, said Yuan Jie, is a national-level strategic high-tech innovation enterprise. Bearing in mind the strategic goal of building a world-class aerospace defense enterprise, over the years, CASIC has made outstanding achievements in space transportation systems, satellites and payloads, space information application, etc., and made prominent contribution to many national-level aerospace projects. Since the start of "13th Five-Year Plan" period, CASIC has been actively practicing new development concepts. Responding to the major strategic needs in the aerospace industry and the urgent needs in China's economic development, CASIC has prioritized on strengthening its research on cutting-edge, game-changing and alternative aerospace technologies, integrated the resources such as social capital, advanced technologies, and professionals, and systematically implemented a series of commercial aerospace projects, aiming to provide the market with more needs-meeting yet advanced aerospace technologies and products, and to facilitate the commercial development of China's aerospace industry.

    Yuan Jie emphasized that the world is now undergoing a new round of scientific and technological revolution as well as industrial transformation. This has imposed new challenges on the development of economic globalization, but meanwhile brought new opportunities for the innovation in aerospace technologies, the development of digital economy as well as the new development pattern.

    In the future, CASIC will continue to pioneer the frontiers of world science and technology, and navigate toward the main economic battlefield, respond to China's major needs, and care about the lives and health of Chinese people. CASIC will continue to explore the breadth and depth of aerospace science and technology, march abreast with counterparts at home and abroad that are committed to developing the commercial aerospace industry, and strengthen their two-way cooperation. Under the new dual-cycle China-world development blueprint where China-cycle plays the leading role, CASIC will push the development of the commercial aerospace industry to a new high and give full play to its backbone role as a central SOE enterprise, striving to build China into a world power in terms of science and technology, quality, aerospace, network, transportation and digitization.

    Chen Guoying, CASIC's Party Committee member and Deputy General Manager, presided over the opening ceremony and the main forum.

    A systematic summary of commercial aerospace development achievements during the 13th Five-Year Plan period

    Fu Zhimin, Chief Technologist of CASIC; Jean Yves Le Garr, Chairman of French National Space Research Center; Ge Yujun, Vice President of the Fifth Research Institute of CASC; Roberto Batiston, former Director of Italian Space Agency and director of the Department of Experimental Physics, University of Trento; Zou Yongqing, chief expert of China Electronics Technology Group Co., Ltd.; Dmitry Roskutov, General Manager of Russian Aerospace Corporation, delivered keynote speeches respectively at the forum's keynote speech session.

    On behalf of CASIC, Fu Zhimin delivered the keynote report of "Seizing the Opportunities of Digital Economy and Innovating Commercial Aerospace Development". According to the report, the digital economy has now become an important engine for global economic growth. As one of the main actors for the development of technology industry in the digital economy era, commercial aerospace is of great significance for promoting high-quality economic growth and industrial digital transformation.

    The report reviewed the development paths of commercial aerospace since the start of 13th Five-Year Plan period at home and abroad, and systematically summarized the development achievements made by CASIC in industrial innovation, development as well as eco-system construction.

    CASIC implemented the "Five Clouds + One Train" series of commercial aerospace traction projects, aimed to promote China's space infrastructure construction, realize the digital transformation, intelligent upgrading and integrated innovation development, facilitating China's space infrastructure to enter a new stage of systematic development and global services. By advancing the construction of Hongyun Project and Xingyun Project, CASIC will build a space-based information network with space-based broadband Internet and space-based narrowband IoT as the backbone. Hongyun Project has successfully completed the first full-system, full process, multi-user broadband satellite Internet communication test in China. Later this year, CASIC plans to launch the multi-network integration application of "low-orbit satellite Internet + 5G + smart ship IoT", to further explore the integrated communication service mode of the space, the air, the ground and sea, providing support and guarantee for the construction of China's satellite-ground integration network. Xingyun Project's α-phase twin-satellite were successfully launched into orbit in May 2020. The twin-satellite has successfully completed various in-orbit tests, carried out the first low-orbit satellite inter-satellite laser communication test in China, a strong demonstration of many core technologies in space-based IoT. CASIC plans to complete Xingyun Project's β-phase network construction in 2021, and by then, small-scale space-based IoT operations and preliminary space-based IoT services will be available. By advancing the construction of Feiyun Project and Kuaiyun Project, CASIC will be capable of the local information enhancement and a rapid and agile networking of adjacent spaces. Together with Hongyun Project and Xingyun Project, CASIC will be able to construct a multi-dimensional, multi-level, 3D air-ground information network layout. Feiyun Project has conducted a demonstration flight test via a 8000-meter-high LAN communication system based on a solar-powered UAV platform. Kuaiyun Project has successfully completed the verification flight test of a stratospheric ultra-long spacecraft. The construction of Tengyun Project will enable the reusable air-space shuttle flights, thus consolidating China's capability to enter and exit space. CASIC has completed the first combined-power modal conversion flight test in China, achieving a major breakthrough in aerospace flight power technologies. By advancing the construction of Fly Project, CASIC will need to break through the key technologies of high-speed and low-vacuum magnetic levitation, in order to build China into a space power. CASIC is now working with units of advantages to push forward together the coordinated development of core technological research and industrialization.

    High reliability, low cost, and large-scale space accessibility are the cornerstone support as well as an important manifestation of a space power. CASIC will continue to promote the development and normalized operation of the new generation of Kuaizhou series solid carrier rockets featured with "non-payload-based test, launch, and measurement and control". Kuaizhou-1 solid carrier rocket has completed 9 successful launch missions, setting a record of the shortest time interval between the same launch station and the same type of rocket. CASIC is making scientific and technological breakthroughs in Kuaizhou-11, a solid carrier rocket of the largest thrust and the strongest carrying capacity in China, with a sun-synchronous orbit carrying capacity of 1T+.

    The space information application industry is the key to the innovative development of China's digital economy. CASIC will vigorously expand the space information application industry and eliminate the information "digital divide" with applications in satellite communications, navigation and remote sensing, thus facilitating the construction of a digital China. In response to needs for special occasions such as the emergency communication support, communication in remote rural areas and maritime communication, CASIC has constructed more than a total of 1,500 stations and participated in the construction of a number of satellite communication system projects, such as the base station of the highest altitude in China- 6,500 meters above the sea level. CASIC's self-developed satellite communication system is equipped with modularized mobile cabin hospitals to facilitate the fight against covid-19. With CASIC's continuous efforts, the integration of Beidou System and Jiaotong System has enabled the online trace-tracking in China's 22 provinces and cities of 350,000+ vehicles that are chartered for group tour, above Type III, or trucks carrying dangerous materials such as chemicals. CASIC's "Space-based Network Ground Service Platform" has brought together various space-based resources such as satellite communications, navigation and remote sensing, a true one-stop satellite resource service platform from satellites to applications.

    Bearing in mind the ideology of "information interoperability, resource shareability, capability coordination, open cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win", CASIC has taken the lead to a joint construction of a commercial aerospace industry eco-system with influence on global economic development. In Wuhan National Aerospace Industry Base, phase I of the Rocket Industrial Park is of an annual production capacity of 20 solid carrier rockets, and phase I of the Satellite Industrial Park will be of an annual production capacity of 100-200 general-purpose satellites weighted less than 1T by the end of 2020. After the completion of the production lines and production capacity, those parks will be open to commercial aerospace enterprises in the private sector, striving to create a resource-intensive, open and shareable industrial eco-system. CASIC has initiated the establishment of "Space-based IoT Industry Alliance", "Satellite-is-Service Industry Alliance" and "Commercial Aerospace Industry Alliance" to keep facilitating the coordinated and innovative development of the commercial aerospace technologies and the industry. CASIC has established a "commercial aerospace zone" on CASICloud- China's first industrial Internet platform on the cloud- to facilitate the continuous upgrading of the commercial aerospace industry.

    Looking forward to the development trend of commercial aerospace

    The report pointed out that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, bearing in mind the strategic goal of building China into a space power, CASIC will promote the development of the commercial aerospace industry as a vital thrust for the high-quality development of aerospace industry, thus to provide the society with products and services of better properties, lower price, higher reliability, better quality and more satisfactory customer experience, and to tread on a development path of commercial aerospace with Chinese characteristics.

    During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, CASIC will strengthen its top-level strategic planning and continue to increase the input in original innovations, game-changing innovations and coordinated innovations. CASIC will realize the digital transformation from commercial aerospace into a driving force to high-quality industrial development. Under the new dual-cycle China-world development blueprint where China-cycle plays the leading role, CASIC will allocate resources and elevate the development of the aerospace industry chain.

    During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, CASIC will, based on building the space infrastructure, prioritize on improving the capabilities of its commercial aerospace systems, actively serve and blend into China's major development strategies, and meanwhile drive the high-quality development in China's such strategic emerging industries as digital economy, intelligent manufacturing and new materials.

    In the carrier rocket industry, CASIC devotes itself to developing Kuaizhou series rockets featured with fastness, cheapness, efficiency, and reliability, and to facilitating the seriation development of carrier rockets. Based on the normalization of commercial satellite launches, CASIC will further shorten the launch preparation period and the launch intervals, and improve its capability to launch the satellites in batches. CASIC will carry out further research on launch vehicles' reusable technologies to further reduce the launch costs. CASIC strives to double the annual launches of Kuaizhou series rockets by 2023, and achieve the world-leading solid power technologies by 2025.

    For satellite industry and its applications, CASIC will give full play the early-bird advantages in space-based Internet/IoT key technology verification and respond to the construction of China's space-ground integrated information network. CASIC will promote the layout of satellites' low-cost yet scale-manufacturing industry chain, and continue to develop a series of load products with characteristics to generalize space information applications to China’s economic and social development as well as the daily life of ordinary people. CASIC will complete the preliminary construction of Xingyun Project early in 2023, and complete the creation of a five-in-one space-based IoT industry eco-system of "design-manufacture-operation-application-service" in 2025, to provide low-cost yet high-quality space-based IoT solutions for global users.

    For aerospace flight and aerospace power industry, CASIC will, based on combined power, create a reusable space transportation system project dedicated to providing two-way ground-space trips that are environmentally friendly, efficient, convenient, and safe. In the future, CASIC wants to normalize two-way ground-space trips as flight schedules on earth, and realize mankind's "Space Dream" to enter space freely and explore the universe further. CASIC will accomplish the demonstration and verification of horizontal take-off and landing flights by the end of 2025, which will be applicable to engineering by then.

    During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, CASIC will prioritize on promoting international cooperation, and expanding its capabilities in allocating the global resources of commercial aerospace technologies and products, providing more commercial aerospace services to global users with countries along the Belt and Road Initiative as representatives and facilitating the construction of a "Space-based Silk Road" for global interconnection. CASIC will devote to establishing an international exchange and cooperation platform with the commercial space forum as an example, to promote deeper international exchanges and cooperation on space, and to contribute more to building a community with a shared future for mankind, to promoting human civilization and social progress with more Chinese aerospace wisdom and strength.

    Building an exchange platform on the cloud for global audience to experience the commercial aerospace up close

    Aerospace is one of the most challenging and widely motivating high-tech industries in the world today. It is an important thrust to  building a community with a shared future for mankind. A broader, deeper, and higher level of international cooperation is an important development trend for the world's aerospace industry. In response to the new dual-cycle China-world development blueprint where China-cycle plays the leading role, this forum has built a high-end professional platform for international integration and cooperation on the commercial aerospace industry, and brought together high-quality commercial aerospace industry chain resources from home and abroad. For the first time, this forum is open to global audience on the cloud, allowing more people to participate in the commercial aerospace forum online and experience the development of the commercial aerospace industry up close.

    Experts from 9 countries- Russia, the U.S., Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Ukraine, Turkey, Costa Rica, and leaders and experts from China's aerospace industry participated in the thematic sharing of 4 online sub-forums on commercial satellite launching and thrusting technologies, new infrastructure development facilitated by the satellite Internet, digital China served by space information applications, the eco-system development of commercial aerospace, etc., where new technologies, new models and new business outlooks were shared and exchanged.

    Meanwhile, the exhibition of commercial aerospace industry  achievements was held online. Nearly 100 enterprises from home and abroad participated in the exhibition with their latest technologies, products, solutions and forward-looking layouts in commercial satellite launching, micro-nano satellite development, aerostats, satellite Internet, satellite IoT, space information etc., a first comprehensive and vivid demonstration of the development achievements made at home and abroad in aerospace industry during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. CASIC participated in the exhibition as a whole group and exhibited its eye-catchy flagship "Five Clouds + One Train" commercial aerospace projects, the micro-satellite platform, "Kuaizhou" series launch vehicles, as well as products of its space information and aerostat industries, a comprehensive introduction to CASIC' development blueprint, advantageous projects and systematic solutions in commercial aerospace.

    To further promote the development of the commercial aerospace industry and the in-depth cooperation on major projects, the forum has also held offline promotion and cloud docking activities for Wuhan National Aerospace Industry Base, where the construction updates of the base were released, a demonstration of the fruitful  development achievements made in the commercial aerospace industry.

    A classroom on the cloud was held before the forum, where Huang Zhicheng, an expert in commercial aerospace, introduced the history of commercial aerospace's development. The forum's website launched a series of commercial aerospace cultural and creative products at the same time to further strengthen the public’s knowledge and understanding of commercial aerospace through popular science and cultural innovation.

    The China (International) Commercial Aerospace Summit Forum is the first professional forum on commercial aerospace in China. It is an exchange platform for systematic discussions on the innovation and development of the commercial aerospace industry, as well as an important window for the comprehensive demonstration of the latest achievements in the commercial aerospace industry, and for the promotion for industrial cooperation and development. From the path exploration in the first forum in 2015, the eco-system construction in the second forum, the international expansion in the third, the achievement overview in the fourth, the joint eco-system construction in the fifth, to the commercial aerospace on the cloud this year, this forum has been striving to build a high-end professional platform for international industrial integration and cooperation in commercial aerospace, to fully demonstrate the development achievements of the global commercial aerospace industry, and play an active role in promoting the development of the commercial aerospace industry.

    Under the guidance of National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, China National Space Administration, China Manned Space Engineering Office and the People’s Government of Hubei Province, this forum was hosted by Wuhan Municipal People's Government, CASIC, CASC, China Electronics Technology Group Co., Ltd., China Space Foundation and Chinese Society of Astronautics, organized by Hubei Provincial Party Committee Military-civilian Integration Development Committee Office, Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Economic and Information, the People's Government of Xinzhou District, Beijing Institute of Aerospace Information, China Space Sanjiang Group Corporation, China Volant Industry Co., Ltd., CASICloud-Tech Co., Ltd., etc.

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