• New Infrastructure in China and New Wisdom in Aerospace! CASIC Releases Six Smart Industry Products



    On November 3, the 2020 Smart Industry Summit Forum kicked off in Wuxi. The forum focused on the theme of "New Infrastructure in China and New Wisdom in Aerospace". More than 10 academicians and nearly 200 industry representatives from local governments, industry associations, large enterprises, universities and research institutes gathered to talk about the development of new infrastructure and smart industries. CASIC released six smart industry products at the forum, contributing the solutions to promote the development of digital economy.

    At the opening ceremony, Huang Qin, Secretary of Wuxi Municipal Party Committee and Liu Shiquan, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of CASIC, delivered speeches respectively. Xu Yiping, director of the Standing Committee of Wuxi Municipal People's Congress, and Li Qiufeng, vice mayor of Wuxi, attended the forum. Gong Bo, Member of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy General Manager of CASIC, presided over the opening ceremony of the forum.

    In his speech, Liu Shiquan pointed out that in recent years, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have attached great importance to the construction of new infrastructure and intensively deployed to promote the development of 5G, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet and other fields, which will directly promote the development of digital economy and create a new cornerstone for intelligent transformation and accelerated development of industries. At the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, six main objectives of China's economic and social development during the 14th Five-Year Plan period were proposed, and each of these objectives is closely related to the smart industry, and needs "wisdom" to enable and promote the realization of safe development of the country and common prosperity of the people.

    Liu Shiquan pointed out that CASIC actively responded to and implemented the development strategies of the Party and the country on building a digital China and a smart society by comprehensively and deeply integrating the aerospace characteristic technologies such as system engineering, spatial information application and information security with social governance, and cultivated more than 30 key industrial fields such as smart city, smart transportation, smart urban construction, smart environmental protection, smart government affairs, smart procuratorial affairs, smart water affairs, smart agriculture and smart emergency response.

    In terms of technological innovation, CASIC was responsible for or participated in nearly 100 related national projects, formed technical systems of more than 100 key technologies and product systems of more than 300 key products, and built a number of national, provincial and ministerial innovation platforms for smart industries.

    In terms of major projects, CASIC completed the top-level planning of the first smart city in China, the first urban underground pipeline pilot project, the first police Internet of Things demonstration project, and the largest vegetable supply and smart agriculture project in China, completed smart security missions in more than 10 national major activities such as Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo and Shenzhen Universiade, constructed a number of national, provincial and ministerial-level projects, including the intelligent procuratorial platform for the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the urban construction big data platform for the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and the big data service platform of comprehensive supervision in the smart food and drug supervision project of the National Development and Reform Commission, completed more than 100 projects about planning, design and engineering of smart cities, including Wuhan, Hangzhou and Suzhou, hundreds of smart transportation projects in Qinghai, Guangzhou, etc., remote handling systems of resident ID cards in dozens of provinces and cities (served more than 500 million person-time), and hundreds of E-government projects for national institutions and provinces and municipalities. "Smart Aerospace" has blossomed and borne fruit all over the country, contributing to the building of a "new infrastructure", an innovative country, a digital China and a smart society.

    Liu Shiquan emphasized that CASIC will continue deepening cooperation with all parties in smart industry technologies, products, comprehensive innovation and system construction based on the concept of "information exchange, resource sharing, capability coordination, opening up and cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win", and constantly promote scientific and technological innovation and industrial upgrading to create a new ecology of smart industry, and help China's high-quality economic development under the new development pattern in which the domestic big cycle is the main body and the domestic and international double cycles promote each other.

    At the forum, CASIC made a keynote speech titled "New Infrastructure, New Intelligence, and New Governance", focusing on accelerating the layout of the information age under the background of intensive deployment of the country to accelerate the new infrastructure, which has a profound impact on social governance in the new era. CASIC actively participates in the new national infrastructure and innovates intelligent products and systems to enable urban management and social transformation and upgrading.

    At the forum, CASIC released six smart industry products: Smart Industry Application Platform 2.0, Urban Operating System, Smart Water Cube Platform, Electronic Data Storage Platform, Customs Unmanned Intelligent Inspection Vehicle and Agricultural Meteorological Observation System. These innovative aerospace technology applications will provide services and support for smart city, smart environmental protection, smart government affairs, smart customs, smart agriculture and other fields.

    Smart Industry Application Platform 2.0

    As the core application platform of "Smart System" of CASIC, Smart Industry Application Platform 2.0 provides users with data fusion, comprehensive management, analysis and mining, and smart display services from multiple sources such as air, space, land, cyber, electromagnetism and optical data and provides developers with development tools and basic environment needed to quickly build business systems. The system is characterized by componentization, modularization and easy deployment. It focuses on solving common problems in the industry, such as difficult integration of industry data, low collaborative ability of existing systems, long development cycle of new systems, etc. and eliminating barriers to information application to provide accurate services for smart city construction, intelligent supervision of natural resources and other fields.

    Urban Operating System

    In view of the pain points in urban construction fields such as data islands and redundant construction in traditional smart cities, CASIC independently developed the urban operating system. The system constructs a unified service, data and operation platform, integrates global data by integrating multiple independent platforms and systems to realize data sharing, collaborative work and flexible expansion, enable smart city application and innovation, and provide services such as duplicate mining, experience guidance, decision support and game simulation for urban construction. The system is also based on the typical application mode of "combining peacetime and wartime demands and integrating combat and training" to create a new practice project of self-learning and self-adaptation in twin cities and take the lead in demonstration in such fields as training for national major events, fire emergency response and intelligent connected vehicles through real-time perception data, planning and decision-making simulation and other functions.

    Smart Water Cube Platform

    To focus on the construction of efficient and beautiful China, the smart water cube platform is developed by CASIC by using new generation of information technologies such as Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence and by using professional water environment numerical model tools to build a water cube platform integrating basin water environment monitoring network system, river chief system and water quality forecasting and early warning system. The platform can realize real-time perception for timely remediation and situation judgment of water environment and integrate "knowing water, controlling water and using water", which solves the problems of unclear status, unclear source and inaccurate prediction in water environment management, and promotes the systematization, refinement and intelligence of water environment management in China's river basins.

    Electronic Data Storage Platform is a safe and reliable platform developed by taking technical advantages of independent blockchain in view of the high cost of electronic data storage, easy tampering and forgery, difficult proof of ownership, etc. in the field of blockchain and in combination with the rich experience of CASIC in e-government, enterprise information construction and some other fields. The platform integrates advanced technologies such as blockchain, IPFS, micro-service, and national commercial cryptography algorithm, and can provide the services of electronic evidence storage, electronic data storage, evidence collection, evidence certification, evidence provision for customers in the fields of government services, electronic contracts, patent copyright, judicial notarization, education and public welfare, medical and health care, etc., thus reducing the operating costs and operational risks of customers and realizing the sharing, traceability, forensics and traceability of the whole process data.

    Customs Unmanned Intelligent Inspection Vehicle

    As a mobile working platform tailored for inspection personnel, the unmanned intelligent inspection vehicle for customs has two modes of movement: manned and unmanned, and has multiple modes of movement such as manual driving, automatic following, automatic driving and remote driving. The vehicle is equipped with an intelligent voice interactive system, an intelligent image recognition system and a modular integrated toolbox, and has the functions of inspection, monitoring, information collection and interaction, which can meet the requirements of all-weather outdoor work, realize automatic follow-up in the process of real-time inspection by inspectors, and serve as a transport vehicle in the process of long-distance transition. It can also replace some simple and repeated inspection through remote control, and realize cruise monitoring or call response in designated areas through automatic driving.

    Agricultural Meteorological Observation System

    The importance of meteorology to agriculture is self-evident. The agricultural meteorological observation system released at the forum is a type of all-weather, intelligent automatic observation system which integrates various measurement elements and can fully observe growth status and environment of the crop. The system equipped with multiple sensors can acquire the information about local wind direction, wind speed, air temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, etc. in a real-time manner on a 24-hour basis. In addition to meeting the requirements of agrometeorological observation, the system can also realize environmental element monitoring of farmland ecosystem, dynamic monitoring of crop growth and ecological meteorological monitoring of farmland nutrients in a real-time manner, and can interpret the growth status of crops such as tea, day lily, rice, corn, wheat and cotton, thus contributing to the agricultural observation automation and meteorological service.

    At the signing ceremony of the forum, the First Academy of CASIC signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement with People's Government of Xishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu Aerospace Daway Technologies Co., Ltd. and Wuxi Internet of Things Innovation Promotion Center respectively to further create a model of cooperation between central enterprise and local enterprises/governments.

    The forum was open for the first time to the public via live streaming, so that more people can feel the positive changes brought by smart industry to people's social life at close range. Moreover, the forum sets up an online exhibition to show the whole picture of the smart industry of CASIC through a virtual city panorama, and to show the related capabilities of CASIC in 13 fields such as smart transportation, smart security and smart park through interactive animation and static exhibition boards.

    Guided by CASIC and Wuxi Municipal People's Government, sponsored by Second Academy of CASIC and supported by Wuxi Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and People's Government of Xishan District, Wuxi, this forum was undertaken by CASIC Intelligence Industry Development Co., Ltd., National Big Data Disaster Recovery Center (People's Daily Online - People's Daily Data), Wuxi Internet of Things Innovation Promotion Center, Jiangsu Aerospace Daway Technologies Co., Ltd. and Aerospace New Meteorological Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and co-organized by the members of CASIC Intelligent Industry Alliance and Wuxi Internet of Things Industry Association.

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