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    Industrial Internet Summit Forum
    Industrial Internet Summit Forum


    The Industrial Internet Summit Forum was held on 15 June, 2017 in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. The theme of this forum is “Intelligence Creates the Value, Together We Bring the Future”. We will focus on the development status and tendency of the industrial Internet, discuss the practice path of the industrial Internet in China model and share the experience on intelligent manufacturing and the industrial big data.

    CASIC has launched an industrial Internet cloud platform -- INDICS (Industrial intelligent cloud system) The platform can provide integrated industrial Internet services covering IaaS, DaaS, PaaS and SaaS, so that it will be suitable to enterprises of all levels, types and sizes. It supports different industrial application services to  access to or even be integrated into various industrial equipment, so as to build a benign industrial ecosystem for more convenient and efficient manufacturing management. The platform has established a complete security system of industrial Internet covering equipment security, network security, control security, application security, data security and commercial security.

    Based on the globally released INDICS+CMSS, CASIC is going to carry out extensive and pervasive cooperation with global industrial Internet platform enterprises. We are striving to build a carrier for the development of the manufacturing ecosystem with Chinese characteristics in the information age with our cloud users, and making the due contribution of CASIC to 'Made in China 2025' and to the progress and development of global manufacturing in the information age.


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